wendy138's Journal

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Icon graphics from:
* yuckie_chan at arashi_yuuki
* boys_paper
* J-One Records
* ionnesaysrawr for 赤西 仁 icon, akanishi-troop for quote LOL
* 5x10 icon by sakuranna from shokim scans
* scans from various people (Supia, 케*, 다키님, aangeldawon님, Shanghaigirl) compiled by One Love
* video clips from very generous people at a_ra_shi, arashi_on, onlyarashifiles, forgyoza, including:
. . . * yuckie_chan at arashi_yuuki
. . . * Becky at Taiji Project Fansubs
. . . * Gachapin Clubbox

Mood themes:
* 嵐 mood theme by isis_pro at 5x5graphics,
* 相葉雅紀 mood themes by it's_half_baked, bobbylyn-n, viridian_virtue at viridian_icons, stellazeee at pocketedpicture, mikan_atama
* 松本 潤 mood theme by KimiWaPet2150
* 大宮SK, 大野 智, and 櫻井 翔 mood themes by viridian_virtue at viridian_icons
* 流星の絆 mood theme by kitten-lily at joursensoleill
* NEWS animated mood theme by kimmyxfleur at okimiyage

If I have used something of yours for which I did not give credit, please tell me! Thank you.