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May. 31st, 2017

Funny that I am posting exactly 2 years later. Life is oh so hectic right now. My little people have very busy lives. That means I have a super busy life. :)

Wow, time flies!

I haven't posted on my LJ in so long! First off, happy 2015! I don't even think anyone reads this thing anymore. But here is an update. I've become the ultimate housewife and crunchy mama of 2 boys, who rule our lives. No question about it. They have us around their chubby little pinkies!

Not really in JE fandom these days. I just don't have the time to sit down in front of my computer. I do watch J-dramas while I'm doing dishes at night. And I Google Japanese entertainment news, like Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu having a baby girl (what?!). I miss being in the loop on things. But real life beckons. Literally. There's a little boy in my bed calling for Mommy. :-)


Wow it's been a while.

That's what happens when you chase after 2 little boys all day long. Seriously, where do they get all their energy from? Every day, I look forward to nap time, because that's when Mommy sleeps, too! They laugh and cry, and they make me laugh and cry, all within 5 minutes.

Which means I don't have time for fandom these days. But I'm slowly picking things up. I've been watching some Jdramas. I've been Googling for JE news. Just learned about Akanishi's new single. Good for him. Theia is a beautiful little girl, and such a beautiful name.

The baby's crying. Gotta go! (Story of my life...)

Dr Seuss’s ABC, Chu version

Mommy and Daddy:

Big D, little d

What begins with D?

Mommy: Daddy, daddy, Dumbo

D, d, d

Avery: Da, da……Dum

He’s an awesome kid.


Avery crawls!

Avery is officially mobile. If there’s an object close to his reach that he really wants, he can actually crawl a good distance. But lazy boy gives up very easily. So far he’s chased after the bulb syringe and sunscreen bottle.

He’s a hazard to himself. Lots of banging and scratching.


It’s really a boy!

Albert and I welcome our baby boy, Avery Ying Yuk Chu (朱英昱), on Monday, August 2, 2010 at 1:24pm in San Jose, California. 6 lbs 12.78 oz (3084 g) and 19 in (48 cm), right on time on his expected delivery date.

He is the most precious thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. I couldn’t help but get weepy just moments after giving birth to him (I’m getting weepy now just typing this).

Here are some photos to share. We’ll keep adding photos from time to time.

Will blog more about the entire experience once I get more sleep…


This post is for Joy.

You asked for pasta photo. Here it is! I arranged the noodles all pretty just for you. How many points do I get for presentation?

It's Michael Chiraello's recipe for rich chicken "brodo." I've made it a couple times since watching the episode on Food Network back when I was still in Riverside (coz being 45 minutes away from "everything" just wasn't good enough).The recipe gets better and better as the years pass due to repetition and equipment upgrades. :p

Except this time I upped the ante yet another notch and made my own pasta. Still have problems with ingredient proportioning. Had to rework the dough after letting it sit, and thought I completely messed up with the glutton chemistry that I don't quite understand. But the noodles cooked wonderfully. I can't really describe the texture - one that can never be enjoyed from store-bought pasta. The spaghetti is soft, yet springy. It's got a bite, but you won't hurt your jaw chewing on it - I think this is what true al dente really is. You'll have to educate me on this one, Ms. Chef-in-training.

I also sauteed spinach & oyster mushroom (EVOO, S&P, red pepper flakes) using some of the brodo. The entire dinner was a keeper. Both husband and mother-in-law got seconds. I'll be packing the leftovers for Patricia & Steve. I have full confidence my chicken brodo will hold its place to two Cantonese grandmothers' homemade soups.

Not sure how big of an impact this is, but I've been using coarse light pink Himalayan salt from this company and grinding it "fresh". It's a pain to turn that mill (plus the pepper mill) when I cook. Does stale ground salt exist? One of these days I'll pre-grind the salt and put it in one of those cute little containers. It also acts double duty as bath salt (tested pre-pregnancy, good stuff). My 5-pound bag will last a good while.

This recipe also works if you let it sit overnight in the Dutch oven. The dried porcini is a must. Not recommended: Cooking this when you're 6.5 months pregnant - I am beyond exhausted.

I have yet to try your recommended chocolate bread. Does Trader Joe's sell Dutch-processed cocoa? I don't wanna break the bank at Whole Foods.

P.S. My carrots did not feel like tofu when I cut into them with my chef knife. How dare you shatter my infatuation with my knives?! (Care to smuggle me some cutlery?)


A letter from my unborn child

Dear Mommy,

Please refrain from stuffing yourself during dinner, even though we're both starving waiting for Daddy to come home from work. Your too full tummy leaves me with even less room than what I already have. You can't breathe deeply, which means I'm not getting adequate oxygen that I so deserve.


Your Wombmate

P.S. The double dogs on a bun were yummy. So was the bacon. Please keep 'em comin'!


If only...

KAT-TUN is rumored to extend its Asia tour to Hawaii...

If Arashi were to hold concerts in Hawaii, I'd totally fly there from California. Baby or no baby. Besides, he's had his fair share of Arashi exposure! ;)

Microplane = <3

We've been eating pretty well and mostly healthy when I cook. We're on a burger binge these past 2 weeks, where I grind my own meat and either broil in the oven or pan-fry the patties. Pretty yummy. It's only bad when I have my junk food cravings and I succumb to them. Eating well means using various kitchen gadgets (finally bought a Microplane zester...why I held off from buying one I have no idea), which means lots of dishes to wash. I bet our water bill has gone up since I started cooking. My mother-in-law probably thinks I waste money on kitchen gadgets, but I really use all of them!

My belly is getting bigger now. My skin isn't growing at the same pace as Baby; my tummy and boobs are itching very very badly. Need to invest in a good moisturizer. I also need to wear an apron when I do the dishes so I don't soak my shirt.

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